International study finds Irish men contribute least to childcare

Advocacy groups say action needed to address gender inequalities in childcare

Just seven per cent of unpaid childcare in Ireland is done by men according to a new report which describes the country as having the most unequal gender responsibility for looking after children.
Men in countries such as Iraq, Algeria and the United States contributed more of their time to childcare than Irish men, who finished bottom of the pile out of 37 nationalities surveyed as part of a major research project carried out by the Overseas Development Institute.
In a report titled ‘Women’s Work: Mothers, Children and the Global Childcare Crisis’, researchers from the British-based think tank found that 93 per cent of childcare in Ireland is done by women, compared to a 63:37 female-male split in Sweden, which was regarded as the most equal country.
Ireland also compares unfavourably to nearest neighbours the UK, where men take on 32 per cent of the responsibility when it comes to looking after children.

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