is delighted to welcome Ireland’s top parenting coach to the site. Marian is the longest established professional life & parent coach in Ireland. She works with parents on a group basis or one to one.

Coaching works on the basis that there is not just one ‘right way to parent and through working with a coach the parent(s) can figure out what will or will not work in their family situation with their child/children. It increases confidence to deal with whatever challenges there may be along the way whilst freeing them to enjoy being a parent.

Over the last year she has worked with a number of companies including Citigroup, AIB, ESB, Deloitte & Touche. LIT & The Coombe Women’s hospital .

She was coaching consultant for stress management/confidence on the RTE programme ‘How long will you live’. She is one of the parenting experts for the parenting slot on Newstalk radio station and is a regular contributor as ‘the parent coach’ on East Coast Radio.

Marian has three children – two boys aged 21, & 18 and a girl aged 16.

If you wish to contact Marian you can email Marian at

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