From The Herald:


Small and medium-sized creches and community childcare operations face a whopping 200pc insurance hike in 2020 after a major UK underwriter quit the Irish market in the wake of the Hyde & Seek controversy.


A number of operators warned the Herald that creche owners now face a stark choice – either pass the cost of massive insurance premium hikes on to parents or face the threat of closure.

There is now just a single major insurance underwriter covering the Irish childcare sector. A rival, which had helped drive down premium costs over recent years, opted to quit the Irish market in the wake of the Hyde & Seek creche chain controversy.

The large Dublin-based creche chain now faces a number of Dublin District Court charges over alleged breaches of childcare regulations following an undercover operation by RTE Investigates.

Now, creches totally unconnected to Hyde & Seek and which have maintained the highest childcare standards face suffering the fall-out from the controversy.

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