Infographic from The Irish Independent

Childcare for two children can cost as much as an average Irish worker earns in a year, the Irish Independent can reveal.

A survey of more than 150 crèches across the country found that costs can be as high as €25,200 in Dublin.

The national average was more than €19,600 for two children under the age of three.

Last year, half of those at work – 964,000 people – earned less than €28,500 before tax.

The survey by the Irish Independent was conducted over the past week, and compared prices for full day care for two children for one year throughout the country.

The capital topped the list of pricey day-care centres, and the average cost of sending your tots to a crèche was almost €5,000 more than prices in rural areas.

High prices were not the reserve of the capital either, as savings outside of Dublin are not that substantial.

In Cork, one provider was offering services above the Dublin average at €23,400 per annum.

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