Families facing childcare crisis after being warned to register with Revenue

Families face childcare crisis after au pair wins €10k in ‘employee’ test case
Thousands of families are facing a childcare crisis after being warned they must formally register with Revenue as employers and pay full wages if they take an au […]

Study finds Irish men contribute least to “Unpaid Childcare”

International study finds Irish men contribute least to childcare
Advocacy groups say action needed to address gender inequalities in childcare
Just seven per cent of unpaid childcare in Ireland is done by men according to a new report which describes the country […]

ChildcareFinder.ie Featured On OfficeMum.ie

“Parent Guilt is a much documented issue and is often described as “A Silent Epidemic”. It’s hard to avoid these days in the online world we live in.”

Regina Graham is a Dublin mum of three and owner of Childcarefinder.ie – […]

Women must make affordable childcare an election issue

For the next few weeks, we will be plagued with knocks on the door as candidates try to persuade us to give them our votes. They will dazzle us with their mandates and promises for the future.

One of the key […]

€2 an hour for childcare puts parents on a wage of €2 an hour

By VICTORIA WHITE: €2 an hour for childcare puts parents on a wage of €2 an hour
TWO euro an hour. That’s what a child is worth as the Coalition’s general election campaign kicks off in this centenary year of 2016.

The […]

Labour promises childcare for €2 an hour

Photo: Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan
Childcare costs would be cut to €2 an hour under a new scheme being promised by Labour if the party is returned to Government.

Parents would be able to access a State-subsidised service for children aged […]

Children in childcare learn ‘just as well’ as those at home

Study finds no difference in cognitive abilities between those with parents and in childcare
It makes no difference to a young child’s cognitive abilities whether they are looked after by their parents or sent to childcare, such as creches, according a […]

ECI survey on screen time amongst young children shows worrying trends

Early Childhood Ireland survey on screen time usage amongst young children shows some worrying trends and lack of guidelines for parents
A new survey (published today Monday 30th November on www.earlychildhoodireland.ie) of 332 parents from around the country regarding screen time […]