All Childcare Providers Should Know This!

All Childcare Providers Should Know Our Trade Secrets!
In the last 4 days, (the new name for, had a staggering 4,139 website visitors! We are going to let you in on some of our trade secrets below! attracts a huge variety of childcare related keywords that people put into Google. That way they find us every […]

James Reilly on new childcare group & second free year

Minster James Reilly was interviewed today on Newstalk about the new high-level group of civil servants which begins work today on a more integrated way to fund childcare in Ireland.
Reporting back by summer
The minister said that the group would report back to him by the summer so that there would be […]

Jim O’Callaghan: ‘Parents need a tax break for childcare’

It requires nerves of steel, extraordinary courage and remarkable determination to have children in Ireland today.
Despite all our self-congratulatory talk about family values and the like, we have somehow managed to create a very cold house indeed when it comes to young people struggling to raise their kids.

Young people with […]

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Childcare Service Stand Out Online

With 1000’s of childcare providers advertising online it’s important that you stand out from the crowd. 96% of people look for local services online before buying or visiting so it’s more important than ever that you stand out to parents searching for childcare.
Here are 5 simple ways you can be a […]

Childcare key as opposition to be ‘flushed out’ on policies

Families forking out up to €2,000-a-month on crèches are being targeted by all parties as a group of voters whose voting intentions can be swayed by policies aimed at reducing the rising costs of childcare.

But the Coalition plans to “flush out” the opposition parties on the precise costs of their […]

The Government’s reaction to our childcare crisis: divide and conquer

There was a great piece in The Journal this week by Claire Micks about the Government’s reaction to our childcare crisis. Claire discussed this skilled exercise in political manoeuvring and describes their reaction as “An approach as predictable as it is unhelpful”.

She also discussed their approach as “Pitching parents against non-parents” and […]